Year two of six, Uni

It’s a bit late to start talking about it, but I’ve had people talk to me about talking about everything that’s going on with Uni right now.
So, I thought I’d do a quick catchup, so it’s a bit clearer what I’m up to, and then I can talk about the stuff I’m thinking about.
So, firstly, I’m still Open University, and can’t praise them enough. They’re lovely, and have supported me with various requests, issues and getting my son through all of the stuff we’ve dealt with.
Last year I did one module of Math, one of IT. This year, I started out doing one statistics, the other half of IT, but about two weeks into the degree, I was told that there was a Cyber Security BSc(hons) now available, so, with three days to go, I jumped to that degree. And that’s where I am right now.

Currently, I’m working with an IT module, which is an abbreviated (and really quite fast to get through) one, and one that’s about Networking, Robotics and IOT/Operating systems. I’m delighted with the other module, because part of the TM129 module is a book I love.
I, Robot by Issac Assimov.
The IT module is a lot of python, which I’m finding…interesting. I’m not as good at that as I first thought, but I’ll get there.

Alongside that, I’m bolstering my study, when I have time (because I’m running behind right now), on various projects – I’ve got lots of books about AI and NLP to work through, and I’m working on various things on other sites, including still working away on Immersive Labs.

I do have a lot of thoughts about various things that I’m seeing right now, and I’ll be sharing those notes as I can, but yeah, just a quick note today on where I am, and that yes, I’m still studying and doing my ‘fun stuff’ around it.

How’s everyone else doing?

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